• Making a Backup of Your Website

    Have you ever forgotten to save your work while typing, only to have the computer freeze on you? The same thing can happen with web sites. Hackers, third-party applications and weak passwords can jeopardize your site. Some of my clients find Convey Media because they need someone to rebuild their site after it being compromised. […]

  • Website Security: Maintaining a Secure Website

    Website security┬áis no longer as simple as creating one creative password. The widespread use of content management systems has allowed nontechnical individuals to create and showcase websites. This is all fine and good, but the steps leading up to launching a site still remain complex. Poor forethought into the planning and execution (creation of code) […]

  • Xoops CMS Platform

    Xoops or the Extensible Object Oriented Portal System is well designed on a modular architecture. This system will allow the web administrator to customize the websites with many other additional features and modify the presentation with many different themes and updates through different module installations. This sort of architecture also aids the administrator to upgrade […]

  • Benefits of Typo3

    Every small to midsize business enterprise in the net requires a CMS and choosing one depends on the scope of the project. TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for business purposes on the both intranet and extranets. It offers extra flexibility and extendibility while featuring many facilities like ready-made interfaces, functions and […]

  • Benefits of Xoops

    Xoops is a free CMS for websites written in PHP and it is an open source program with no timeouts or advertisements. It has several benefits that give it an edge over other top performing CMSs. Xoops is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and it is free to use, […]