• Sophisticated Westchester business cards that capture your style

    Sophisticated Westchester business cards that capture your style

    Business cards are used by businessmen, students, entrepenuers, and vendors. Even a freelancer or professional plumber often carries a business card. This piece of paper or plastic is really the framework of networking. If you are in need of a website, don’t leave out cards that reflect your site’s style.

    Make your brand powerful

    People fail to understand the power of a business card. Ironically most of the people or businessmen who flaunt such cards in any occasion are also not aware of its true power

    An individual gets a glimpse of a number of such cards everyday. Every professional, be it a doctor, engineer, financial advisor, home based worker, government official or any other person is handed business cards quite often. But the question is: How many of those cards get a second look from us? Merely one among a hundred or so business cards ever reaches in front of our faces once again. Why? Maybe the color stands out, or the logo is different from the rest. Maybe the business card is needed for contact information.

    A potential customer’s first real glimpse of a small business’ professionalism and trustworthiness is through the comany’s business card. The best companies are those that pay attention to detail, are service-oriented, and that strive to package its content in a way that will grab and hold attention. Have your business cards get the admiration and attention it deserves.

    The best quality for your money

    Cards are an effective vehicle of information among professionals, vendors, and small business owners. To help become successful in any business, choose Convey Media for your business card design and printing needs. We put in quality effort on your design, and offer many paper and plastic choices so that your card will get noticed. This situation is especially important for a small business owner as he or she may get only one chance to impress a potential customer.

    One of our latest customers, a florist shop in Ossining, NY, was in need of professionally designed and printed business cards. We chose to use a thick card stock with double-sided, full-color printing. The card was left as a matte finish for warmth and texture.In the end, the customer was able to receive 500 cards for $60. With design and printing included, that price is a steal.

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    To understand the importance of a business card a hypothetical case study can be done. Let’s assume X and Y are two small business owners. Both of them are selling flamingo toys. One day they meet up a potential customer separately and present their individual business cards. The card of X reads as ‘Come & Get Immersed in the World of Flamingo Toys.’ This is followed by the office address, phone number, e-mail id and the website of the business owner. The card has been designed in simple glossy paper and all the words have been included in one side of the card. Pale pink color has been used in the background with grey boundaries. On the other hand the business card of Y has been designed in a mixed background of green and white. On ones side it has been written, ‘Bring Smile to Your Kid’s Lips with Our Customized Flamingo Toys.’ Then some little clips of toys have been inscribed in the card.

    The backside of the card contains the contact details of the businessman. The card has been designed in a unique manner which is not seen in that entire native area of the recipient. There is every possibility that the customer will place a buy order with Y in the future. So, what prompted the buyer to go for the services of Y? The answer is –the design and creativity of the business card. Such is the importance of an effective business card. Every small business owner or for that matter any other user of such cards must understand the fact that it’s a very potent marketing tool. A proper and well planned use of a designer and unique business card can propel sales to never before heights within a very short span of time.

    For a small business it might be an issue to invest some good money in the making of such a card. In that case, they can go for the services of Convey Media. We think that we are an excellent place to get all your business and domestic stationeries at affordable rates. Moreover, there’s a provision of free business cards with some website design packages.

    We also customize templates in addition to creating unique designs according to the needs of a business. With a simple investment, pretty unique business cards can be designed and ordered from Convey Media. Our cards are a fabulous way to jumpstart any business.