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    Last week I had a client who was interested in him getting a mobile version of their website up and running, or making a website to mobile. Depending upon the complexities of a website, to design mobile website or a mobile version can be easily implemented by stripping away all of the CSS, JavaScript, flash, and large photos and images that make the site what it is.

    How to Change Normal Website to Mobile One

    One method that I like to use is a PHP script that can render any regular webpage mobile friendly. This is actually comes in handy when the site is constantly updated, and this material was also been available to mobile version of the site. Design mobile website involves sending users to a mobile subdomain — such as mobile.conveymedia.com. Yet this method of website to mobile can cause problems if most of the Web users go directly to the normal site. They will still then see the normal site, which defeats the purpose of creating the mobile version the first place.

    Design mobile website made easy

    The alternative is to create an HTML mobile page that most mobile readers will render before the regular version of the site. Depending upon which content management system you use, this can either be an easy or difficult thing design mobile website. In writing up contracts for clients with new websites in mind, I tend to make the mobile version not included in such contracts. I really wait until their regular site is up and running, because it’s nice to know often they’re going to change the content on the site. Website to mobile site often depends primarily on text content.

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    Syncing multiple sites

    The other unfortunate part of creating multiple sites is that Macintosh products such as the iPhone and iPad to not play flash video. Some of the best websites are created in flash. They don’t show up well in search engines, though, but it is a shame that their creative vision cannot extend to a website to mobile website, at least as of yet.

    Even with these limitations, to design mobile website is an integral part of any cohesive marketing strategy for small businesses. Creating mobile websites are easy, inexpensive, and especially valuable to people on the go who need immediate information about services and products in their area. Types of businesses that would make use of website to mobile websites include hair salons, dry cleaners, coffee shops, or any other local serving business.