• Benefits of Typo3

    Every small to midsize business enterprise in the net requires a CMS and choosing one depends on the scope of the project. TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for business purposes on the both intranet and extranets.

    It offers extra flexibility and extendibility while featuring many facilities like ready-made interfaces, functions and modules. TYPO3 has dual operating modes like a frontend and backend. The frontend features TYPO3 based website to the users while the backend is usable by the authors and site administrators to manage the web content for the site. The backend can be used with an ordinary web browser so that no special software is required for TYPO3 based website.

    TYPO3 not only suits for large corporation, university, non-profit organization, but also many small business enterprises. TYPO3 offers many enterprise level solutions like the ones mentioned below.

    • Rich Text Editor
    • Intuitive UI
    • Spell Checker
    • Configurable UI Levels
    • Frontend or Backend Editing
    • Internal Shortcuts
    • “Live” Search & Replace
    • Internal Search Engine
    • Extension Manager
    • CSS Styled Content
    • Parent / Child Templates
    • Multiple Templates per Site
    • Sitewide Templates
    • Dynamic graphical menus
    • Multiple Menu Types

    TYPO3 is well grown and expanding software that meets the need of business and personal clients as end users. It has attracted the interests of many of the best programmers and consultancies of the world. Many new ideas are initiated and discussed among the group and incorporated into the next version of the software or built in as extension. TYPO3 thrives on team effort.

    TYPO3 is already well written and allows developers to create their own extensions and share with a central repository from which it is available to the whole community of users. Nearly 3000 extensions are right now available and it is free for use. With a single click, extensions like shop, news system, calendar, gallery, document repository, search engine, website statistics package, login box and newsletter can be installed.

    TYPO3 offers with a basic framework on which builders can create their own applications. The kickstarter extension allows the developers to extend the database with a table for their own data and also offers them with a dummy extension that can be edited using a PHP.

    For the success of a CMS, it is very much essential that the content editors and administrators are using it over a large scale. TYPO3 offers a good balance in functionality of the two sectors of users. For the administrators TYPO3 offers a wizard for creating a site based on HTML template series to make the content dynamic. The templates can be extended through a well-documented scripting language called Typoscript. This offers the administrators the necessary tools to access their data in a multitude of ways. Besides the wizard for creating templates, TYPO3 also offers Extension Kickstarter for creating their own extensions.

    For content editors, TYPO3 is very easy to learn and it offers multitude of tolls for help. TYPO3 is a browser-based CMS that runs on most of the platforms and compatible with all browsers. The editors can use it to edit site and small business entrepreneurs can exploit both these functions for their multi-platform environment.