• Benefits of Xoops

    Xoops is a free CMS for websites written in PHP and it is an open source program with no timeouts or advertisements. It has several benefits that give it an edge over other top performing CMSs. Xoops is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and it is free to use, modify and redistribute. A detailed discussion on the beneficial features of Xoops will give an understanding about the software.

    The growth and development of Xoops is based on the web-based community effort. Xoops currently uses MySQL, a relational database for storing data that is required for running the CMS. Xoops uses style sheets (CSS) which allows quick and uniform style changes throughout the site. Administrators are enabled to give specific groups of users specific access rights to content and features such as delete, edit, upload, add attachments, publish content, etc. Xoops offers multitude of modules that can be installed, uninstalled, activated and deactivated using a module administration system.

    Xoops also possess a number of core features that is exploited by modules like comments, permissions, notifications and blocks features. Another important feature offered by Xoops is the personalization. Administrators are enabled to set specific permissions for user access and control of individual elements of their websites. The user management feature of Xoops enables the users to search by various criteria, send emails and private messages through a template-based messaging system. Xoops supports multiple languages through proper tie-ups with many sites around the globe for the benefit of non-English speakers. Xoops also supports many multibyte languages like Chinese and Japanese.

    Xoops uses themes for page presentation. Xoops offers a variety of themes and skinnable interface to the users and administrators to choose and change the look of the entire website. Xoops also offers hundreds of free Templates and Add-ons that customizes to suit the needs of the design. Xoops also uses Smarty templating engine that offers easier separation between business logic and presentation logic as well as content caching. Xoops is very search engine friendly and produces optimized URLs. The large communities of user-developers keep the site updated to WC3 standards.

    The safe PHP programming used in Xoops guarantee data integrity and security. The built in administration area is directly available to the webmasters through the browser. Above all Xoops is very simple to use and does not require computer knowledge in the areas of HTML, CSS or Javascript to customize the website. Xoops is capable of importing the entire websites written in HTML will all its contents and objects. Xoops also offers a back up to keep all the files and data safe in case of server crash.

    The recent version of Xoops2.5 includes features like visual placement blocks, central support for jQuery, better installer, themable Admin area, critical security updates, new system license key, and added support to PHP 5.3. Xoops has the smallest of the learning curves compared to larger CMSs like the Joomla or Drupal. The backend is very easy to use and has intuitive design. Additional features can be always added through additional modules and themes.