• Xoops CMS Platform

    Xoops or the Extensible Object Oriented Portal System is well designed on a modular architecture. This system will allow the web administrator to customize the websites with many other additional features and modify the presentation with many different themes and updates through different module installations. This sort of architecture also aids the administrator to upgrade small sites into medium and medium sites into large with proper addition of other modules.

    The Xoops framework can be compared to that of a computer’s operating system as it offers a platform on which other programs can perform their functions. The various modules behave like other programs that function on an operating system. These additional modules will help the developer in making sites more versatile. The news module is the commonly used one.

    Xoops basic may help a small business entrepreneur for serving the purpose of a personal weblog or a small size e-journal. For more dynamic news site more modules have to be added for storing, managing, updating or archiving the news. A lite Xoops can be used as a personal weblog or journal in small business sites. For medium sites modules like News, Forum, Download, Web Links, etc can be used. For large sites modules like eShop and Xoop’s uniform user management system can integrate the modules with the whole system.

    The Xoops news module can be used with Xoops 2.0x, Xoops 2.2x and Xoops Cube. The news module of Xoops can create unlimited count of news on the site and it is also possible to attach many related articles with corresponding topics and subtopics.

    Xoops also comes with a very efficient permissions management system that allows the administrator to create and authorize groups for article submission. This can very well be exploited by the small business entrepreneurs. Addition of another group and its authorization to approve and edit is also possible. It empowers the administrator to decide which user can see what.

    Xoops can also help the small business owners through modules that relates to the creation of search engines friendly pages by using tools as significant pages titles in sync with the content matter, meta keywords and meta descriptions related to the content. The module can also allow the administrator to emphasize the web contents with some blocks. It also enables the features of RSS feeds and integrated search, automated articles and expired articles. Advertising in the articles is also enabled. Xoops also allows social bookmarking on Web to sites like del.icio.us, newsvine.com and enables yahoo search.

    Xoops is claimed to have the most secure CMS models but it has shown some loop holes. If security issues are much addressed by the administrator, then Xoops protector module is a must. For additional security features installation of GIJOE’s Xoops protector module is essential. Other modules like word processor, back up module for site’s data, diagnostic modules for site management are also available for the benefit of the site developers. There will be no need to install both anti-dos module and protector module. The site developer has to uninstall the anti-dos to install the Xoops protector because the Xoops protector comes with built in anti-dos program.