• Domain Name Registration

    Search Engine Optimization the Organic Way

    In this internet age, it’s impossible to run a small business with a constant growth ratio without a website. While planning for a website, one needs to put maximum effort to purchasing a quality domain name. A lot depends upon the choice of the domain name, including its length, characters, top level domain extension, and meaning. Most importantly, however, a domain name registration must be catchy and memorable.

    Many hosting companies offer a free domain name with their subscription. Yet these companies fail to provide any advice in choosing a great name. At Convey Media, you’ll receive professional advice regarding possible domain names. In particular, we will take into account your business’ brand, mission, and targeted audience, and will then compile a list of currently available domain names. You are free to choose one, many, or none at all, but the advice and “devil’s advocate” help is available to every client.

    If the web address www.lawncare.com is considered then here ‘lawncare’ is the domain name registration. This is not to say that the business name is the same. The owner may be Billy’s Lawn Care Services, Inc., or even Raymond Landscaping Co. The task is not always to register a domain name that is your business name, but rather to find a name that reflects your business.

    Importance of Search Engine Results – It’s about your Domain Name Registration

    Though it seems pretty easy, in reality much thought is put into the choosing of a domain name. The top level domain name extension (such as .COM, .NET, or .ORG) should also be considered. Most individuals think of .COM when they enter a URL in their web browser. In remembering a catchy phrase or saying, your customers will be more likely to remember a .COM or .ORG over any other possible name. With that said, some businesses may need other TLD extensions. Consider www.drivingthe.us for example. This domain name needs the .US TLD extension because it is part of the phrase. Put quite bluntly, a domain choice can make or break a business’ marketing strategy.

    In addition to serving already-existing customers, you will be gaining new customers via a marketing strategy that includes items like meta data, keywords, sitemaps, search engine submissions, pay per click, and other online advertising. If your domain name is like the example above, someone will find your site because they input the generic name of “lawn care,” which is great, as potential customers won’t know your business name. So, proper care is needed while choosing or structuring the domain name.

    Make it Catchy

    People find it easy to remember simple web urls. One should use a simple domain name in the official or personal website so that people can remember the site easily. Then the domain name should be kept in a relevant manner to the business. For example, if the owner’s name is George Deck and he wants to promote his small business by his name only then a suggested domain name will be ‘georgedeck’. Then people quite easily forget the hyphens so it should be never used in a domain name. A short domain name is always preferable.

    There are a plenty of opportunities online to get a domain name registration at rock-bottom prices. But here, you can receive the popular option of a free domain name. Packages include a domain name, and green, U.S.-based web hosting. Don’t be fooled by other web solutions companies. Creation of online sites can be quite lucrative, and if misguided, a business can be easily taken advantage of.

    Other web companies offer storage space that is quite limited, with minimal customization facilities. Moreover, one can’t select a preferred domain name. But if someone is just starting out without much money to invest in the business arena then a free domain name is may be worthwhile. But if you really want to get the most out of the web and create a dynamic web presence, then choose Convey Media for your domain name needs.