• Free Hosting is Bad

    Anything which is free easily captures the mind. People, irrespective of their origin and nation get attracted towards the word ‘free’. So, when somebody sees an online advertisement flashing a free hosting package then there’s a strong possibility that he or she will click the advertisement. Such is the power of the word ‘free’. But here is a question. Is a free package really free? Are there any real benefits of a free hosting package? The below paragraphs are an attempt to analyze the issue of website hosting at no or minimal cost.

    Now-a-day every business entity requires a website. The small businesses too need a website of its own so that it can reach to maximum customers with minimal investment and in less time. Without a hosting package a website can’t become functional. So, every small business owner must choose a website hosting package to run their websites.

    While choosing a website hosting package one may go for two options—free or paid hosting. Free hosting is also referred to as shared hosting. But this isn’t a preferred option for a full-fledged business. A free or shared hosting won’t allow a business owner to enjoy much bandwidth and storage. Moreover customization facilities are almost absent in a free hosting package. So, this kind of hosting is advisable only for the amateurs and single person small business. Anyone with a dream of expanding his or her business later on won’t like to go for a free hosting package.

    Rather than going for such a free hosting package it’s better to go for a cheap hosting package. Without burning a hole in the pocket anyone can enjoy superb hosting facilities with some cheap hosting packages which are readily available over the net.

    While choosing a hosting package it’s important to properly understand the various features of the package. Some basic knowledge of website hosting and maintenance is preferable before going to buy a hosting package. Otherwise an expert’s help is suggested at this point.

    While choosing a web hosting package most of the website owners don’t pay much attention to the terms and conditions of the deal. This is a very big mistake. Then all the topmost web hosting service providers have monthly and yearly plans. It’s better to go for the monthly plans so that it can be cancelled easily in case of any problem with the service. Moreover it’s important that the package comes with a money-back guarantee. It protects a small business owner’s interests. Then a 24×7 support must be there so that the business website doesn’t lose any customer in case of server failures and other such problems. Another crucial issue while choosing a hosting package is the web space.

    One of the topmost cheapest hosting providers gives out 50 GB space. Below this will be a loss for any business owner. Then a quality monthly transfer rate also defines the utility of a hosting package. As of now, several web hosting companies have the provision of providing a number of domain names. That’s an admirable facility. As apparent from this discussion it’s better to spend some money in a quality and yet cheap web hosting package rather than spoiling the business with a low-quality and unreliable free hosting package.