• Advantages of Joomla

    Joomla Extensions in Better Performance of Cheap Joomla Websites

    Joomla is one of the upcoming open source content management systems with thousands of templates to aid a novice in creating cheap Joomla websites. Though there are a number of Joomla extensions I will discuss about few popular extensions which is very useful in creation and better performance of cheap Joomla websites.

    Community Builder

    The Community Builder helps in integration of additional files in profile, user lists, image uploading, registration workflow extensions, establishment of connection path between users and integration with components like Forums, Galleries, Newsletters, etc.

    The Community Builder also permits existing key users to become moderators and wield powers like banning/unbanning of profiles, approval of new memberships and handling reports. Community Builder also offers members few special advantages like permitting them to create web content for ar cheap Joomla website, blogging, membership groups, etc.


    For advanced shopping solution Joomla website offers this extension. This Joomla extension is offered as an open source extension and it can be run both in Store and Catalog mode equally well. It has a very good administration tool that allows to deal with number of categories, shopper groups, discounts and customers. It helps the shoppers to manage their accounts with ease and view the details of all their orders. Payments can also be made in multiple country currencies.


    JCE is one of the popular Jooma extensions that offer a latest form of editor for editing Joomla based cheap Joomla websites. It features facilities like image and file handling, a very good interface for administration purposes like configuring the editor and plugin support.

    JCE is also an open source Joomla extension and it will help to style test with the help of familiar buttons and general commands such as bold, italic, underline, etc and it also helps with a spell checker. With the help of JCE one can also copy text from Word to other text documents and insert images using file browser interface.

    Joom Fish

    It is an advanced Joomla extension that will help to run cheap Joomla website in many languages. Joom Fish comprises of a front-end module for language selection along with the necessary plugins and a router. There will be no need of patching important files.

    Joom Fish is also available free to download along with few free add-ons. It has a central control panel that allows easy access to all the necessary features and the translation overview entails filters, which will help in accessing the entries one is looking for with adequate speed. Joom Fish aids in translation of lists at one stroke and this helps in better performance of the site.


    JomSpecial is one of the best extensions that will aid in the creation of one’s own social networking cheap Joomla websites. Using this extension one can complement a site with logos, themes, graphics, etc. JomSpecial also helps to customize these through CSS edits. It comprises of features like private messaging, friend requests, comment on walls, follow updates, share photos and third party components with a better API.

    Using these popular extensions one can create cheap Joomla websites and improve it for the benefit of all Netusers. Web hosts like LimeDomains, HostGator, etc provide Joomla hosting and one can use them to maintain a website in a better way.