• Joomla

    Content Management System or CMS is software that tracks all the information in the content of a website. Using this CMS doesn’t require technical skills or knowledge. CMS manages all the web content in the user’s web page.

    Though there are a number of CMS available there are few which excels all others and Joomla CMS is one of them. Joomla is an open source management system that is easily available for use of the developer. Joomla is based on PHP and MySQL and it enables the developer to build powerful applications on an open platform for anyone to use, share and support.

    Joomla is used all over the world in many major websites in all shapes. Corporate websites and portals are known to use them. Corporate intranets and extranets use them. Joomla is employed in online magazines, newspapers and publications. E-commerce and online reservations use it. Government applications and small business websites also use it. Non-profit and organizational websites, community-based portals, churches, schools and even family home pages are also known to use Joomla.

    Famous networks that use Joomla are MTV Networks Quizilla, IHOP, Harvard University, Citibank, The Green Maven, Outdoor Photographer, PlayShakespeare and Senso Interiors are few worth mentioning.

    Joomla is very well designed to be user friendly and very easy to install. Many web hosting services offer a single-click installation to get the new site up and running. For the advanced users Joomla offers highly extensible extensions and most of them are available for free. Joomla is available since 2000 and boasts nearly 200,000 community users and contributors.

    The core Joomla framework offers developers to build with ease the following

    • Inventory control systems
    • Data reporting tools
    • Application bridges
    • Custom product catalogs
    • Integrated e-commerce systems
    • Complex business directories
    • Reservation systems
    • Communication tools

    If the business organization need more than the basic framework, then Joomla offers them powerful application framework that enables developers to create sophisticated add-ons in multitude of directions. Joomla is open and available free for everyone under the GPL license. To get used to the program Joomla offers an online demo.

    Joomla is of great benefit to the small business websites and for them to use it they have to clearly mention what is the type of business, what they do, who they serve and where they are located. Joomla requires clear navigation and functional layout. The business website has to choose the Joomla template that suits them best for a professional and elegant presentation of the online business.

    As a framework and CMS, Joomla would save the career of even the most experienced web developer. It may take time for them to fully understand it and use it properly but users on long run advocate Joomla as it saves them tension trying to rewrite already good web applications. This helps many small business or niche products in the long run for both sides of the deal.

    For small business who weighs their web development options, Joomla is more powerful solution than WordPress or Drupal when Joomla is implemented by the team that understands it most.