• About ModX

    Convey Media offers many packages to our valued clients. One content management system that we prefer is ModX. This new system takes up little resources and runs on MySQL. ModX is a great choice for small businesses such as restaurants, florists, and gyms that want a great looking site on a small budget, but also need to update the site regularly.

    The core of the planning phase for this content management system is based on the requested design. We first begin with a free consultation. During this time we discuss websites that you currently enjoy viewing. What makes these websites so pleasing? What design elements can we use to integrate into your own site? Convey Media does not only take into account the color schemes and fonts used, but also looks at the amount of white space and overall layout of the sites that you enjoy the most.

    It is important to know that we encourage the use of content management systems because you’ll have ultimate control over updating and adding content. This way you won’t need us as often. In addition, ModX can easily change its template, meaning that you can change the look of your website without having to copy and paste existing content.

    More importantly, this content management system is open source. It is built on Ajax and is search engine optimization friendly. For every page that you create in this system, you can add a keyword tags to it in addition to the meta-data that will be used to increase your search engine rankings. Learn how we build every website securely, so that it won’t be easy for hackers to get into.

    For designers, ModX is a great solution to having to learn a new language. An easy site can be built with this system without having to know PHP coding. This significantly decreases the amount of time it takes Convey Media to get your website live.

    ModX came out in November 2009. It allows for validated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Aside from using Joomla, Convey Media loves working with ModX. It is very simple to understand, add new content, and add new users. It comes with blogging software in addition to common library scripts needed to run audio and video files.

    Base ModX packages begin at $1500. All packages come with a one-year domain name registration, integrated email, and three-month’s free hosting on our green, U.S.-based servers.

    More about this technology

    Ten or fifteen years ago if anyone wants to create their own documents they have to rely on programmers who understood HTML code as products like Dreamweaver and Frontpage were not available. But now-a-days even non-technical user can create a webpage and edit at will. Thanks to the Web Content Management System (WCMS), a software tool that enables both technical and non-technical user to create structured web pages for a web based experience such as internet website, intranet or extranet solution.

    The WCMS typically enforces a structure on the pages created which is commonly called as templates. The structure which represents the layout ‘code’ for the webpage is hidden from the editor or author. The author or editor has the job of insertion of content into a ‘blank structured web page’ only.

    The WCMS manages small units of information called web pages and each unit will be interlinked with other units via a navigation structure or pathway. Each unit or web page will be defined by its location on the site. Hierarchies of information are created by the location of each unit in relation to all the other units of information within the web event. Further definition can be created by ‘verticals’ of navigation that decides the information type stored under it.

    In WCMS there will be lot of cross linking between pages which decides whether a visitor can move from one page to another by means other than navigation. WCMS focuses primarily on page creation, editing, and facilitates content creation, content control, editing and many other important web maintenance functions by offering a interface to the non-technical user that requires no programming languages or markup languages to create and manage the content. WCMS offers a publishing engine that allows created or amended content to be available to the internet surfer. WCMS offers a work flow or approval process that makes sure that the content is validated before it is released or published to a site.

    One of the best CMS that is available in the net is the ModX. It is very helpful for small business enterprises as its templating is very easy to work with and that is very essential for a web designer as it saves time modifying the designs. It just requires copy, paste, addition of few tags and the design will be ready. ModX is very much standards compliant and it is infinitely expandable. Everything can be quickly and easily added on to ModX. Google Analytics and other custom features like various banners on different pages can be set up in few minutes. All these are available for free as it is Open Source software.

    ModX enables the developer to create modules like booking systems, event registrations and photo galleries which will be very much useful for small business enterprises. It also enables them to create custom ModX templates from their web designs. With a little experience it is possible to integrate custom applications or existing forums into ModX. Charting and reporting is enabled. It offers the users to create and edit the custom graphs. A good web designer should be able to build a glossy looking elegant website using ModX and this should attract customers to the small business endeavor they are in.