• ModX Templates

    Good online content and maintenance are pivotal for small business to flourish in the net. For this many business owners use Content Management Systems. MODx CMS liberates the users from the difficulties of site building.

    MODx offers the users to use very good templates in HTML/ CSS/ JS. MODx is an Open Source PHP Content Management Framework that works with custom code and helps the end user to build sites faster and the way the user likes. Maintenance of the sites is also very easy with MODx. MODx is developed by a team of efficient programmers over years of time and therefore it is a right choice for standard marketing websites and for many custom web applications. MODx is very SEO and Ajax friendly CMS developed on top of a modern OOP database framework.

    MODx has an edge over other CMS in a way that it is more search engine friendly. Highly customized meta-content can be created for all the individual pages of the site. Some developers even call MODx the ‘SEO Content Management System.’ Virtually anything is possible with this CMS. Flexibility for design is one of the essential parts of its creation. The end users have to plug in the xhtml and css code and have a go. If the users are completely new to web development and have no knowledge in code writing, this software is the right choice in affordable cost.

    It has excellent compliant standards and is table-less. This offers the user the power to build his or her website using css and xhtml for better looks in all browsers. The option of updating the website from anywhere in the world is available. An internet connection and a browser are only essential to login to the web-based manager. MODx CMS has won a 2007 Packt Award for the Most Promising Open Source Content Management System.

    MODx helps in making the starting configuration for many small business organization and personal websites. MODx helps in configuring the template and content and offer many other features that help many small business sites like the marketing sites in their endeavor. MODx templates when installed enable the user to create new entries from the front end. This can also be turned into News publishing or PR publishing system. Registered users can comment very easily on the posts. The site visitors will stay up-to-date using the site feeds. MODx comes with a ‘Captcha’ anti-robot registration feature which means that any visitor who wants to comment has to register and create an account first. Quick editing is possible with MODx. Just logging into the manager is essential and then the page can be directly edited from the front end. MODx also allows the visitors to search only the pages they wish to search. It uses Ajax to display results without loading a new page. MODx comes with dynamic menu builder code and it helps the site developer to duplicate or build virtually any navigation system. It is even enabled with Mootools and has customized ‘page not found (404)’ page. MODx also comes with pre-configured contact which should be customized to point to the right email address.

    MODx is a safe choice and it is been around for some years and has even won the Most Promising Open Source CMS. It has been the choice for many small and large business endeavors and has performed very well over years.