• Identity

    What does the Geico gecko, the IBM logo, and All State’s “You’re in Good Hands” slogan all have in common? They are all examples of identity in a corporation, which is implemented online as website identity.

    What is website identity?

    At the most fundamental level, website identity involves wrapping business products and services into a great marketing bow. This bow is comprised of branding of graphics, text, and philosophy. Each often times there are also spokespersons or creatures involved in showcasing the brand itself.

    Every business should describe its own identity in its Business Plan. The identity is not only the look behind the business, but is also the philosophy, mission statement, and persona that will be shown to the public and to its consumers.

    How it relates to business identity

    In turn, website identity is an extension of the original business identity. It is extremely important to have consumers feel as though they belong with a particular group or cause; often businesses that directly serve laymen customers can provide the sense of exchange and belonging. On a financial impact for the company, making use of the website identity is a great way to increase profits and she obtain a greater return on investment.

    Identity for local businesses has changed

    About 10 years ago, he and a sense of belonging could be achieved through the use of forums or threads on a site. Also instant messaging and IRC chats were still extremely in use. Nowadays, however, website identity also involves directly connecting with customers. Interactive websites work well when website identity has been implemented.

    The identity of a site stems from the identity of the organization or entity. Again, this can come from trademarks, logos, slogans, mission statements or any other bits contents and data that is easy to remember when viewed.

    Convey Media offers website identity and identity/branding consultations for businesses who need to build a solid presence on the World Wide Web. This will help to make your marketing translate into better bottom line.