Physical Backup Website to CD

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Think back to when you brought your website online. How much time, resources and money did it take? Now ask yourself, when was the last time you made a backup of your hard work?

Don’t solely rely on the Cloud or your hosting company to save a backup of site files. In most cases, the hosting company only makes a copy of your files for when they have data loss.

Have peace of mind in physically holding onto your site in the palm of your hands.

Physical Backup Website to CD

For a reduced price of $100, Convey Media will handle the hassle of saving a copy of your website, and will transfer it to a Thumb drive or CD for your safe keeping.

Specifically, we will save all files, folders and images within your control panel (cPanel or FTP). We will save the database tied to your main website. All content will be saved onto a password-protected thumb drive and mailed to you with Tracking. (Up to 8 Gb.)

This service is available to websites without databases (straight HTML-based sites, typically) as well as sites running on various content management systems including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and ModX.

Remember, you need to be ready to react quickly. Backup website to CD today. From hackers to unpaid hosting charges, viruses and accidental deletions, your website is always a click away from a potential disaster if a recent backup isn’t available to save the day.