• Keeping on top of Updates in a Busy World

    If you’re like me, there is no ‘typical’ day. Running a business involves your complete attention to many things at any given time. I rely on my support staff and trusted partners for new developments that are relevant to my field. For website updates, this centers around newsletters and emails by industry professionals.

    That is why I paid attention to the security update of WordPress 4.7.2, released last week. Specifically, sites that run older versions of WP are vulnerable to PHP injection attacks through certain plugins. As a web developer, this directly affect clients who have chosen to maintain their own site. And I believe it to be my duty to inform my clients of this development and to provide my services when I can.

    WordPress, like any content management system, is a breathable, working structure that constantly needs fine tuning and saving. Updating a website isn’t as straightforward as clicking a button. DIY website owners can maintain their site, but please, please back your sites up.

    Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be discussing how to address a website that has been hacked. Businesses and website owners can recover from such catastrophic events, but it involves locating, saving, reinstalling and informing others (like Google) of the change. This latest WP update is, again, a reminder to me, the industry and my clients that there is still nothing better than a physical backup to keep your site safe from becoming broken forever.