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Fully featured cPanel living on U.S.-based servers

A reliable web hosting provider with live support

Uptime, server upgrades, backups, email and server configurations can get very hairy very quickly. As a web development firm, Convey Media does (of course) service clients regardless of their server type: virtual shared hosting, private hosting, FTP and MySQL access only, cloud servers, etc. We manage domain names on shared IP addresses, static IP addresses and paid, individual IP addresses. However, when building a site from the ground up, Convey Media often partners with GreenGeeks to offer superior web hosting in Westchester County.

Convey Media offers web hosting in Westchester County

With servers located in Chicago, IL, GreenGeeks provides a fully customizable cPanel interface with abilities to add multiple domain names, subdomains, email accounts, MySQL databases, and so much more. The best part is web hosting support is only a click or phone call away: 24/7.

Features include:

      1-click App Installer
      Unlimited Disk & Transfer
      24/7 Expert Support
      30-day Guarantee
      99.9% Server Uptime
      Free Site Migration
      Free Marketing Credits

As so eloquently stated on their website, “GreenGeeks offers a wide range of web hosting products and services for our customers. Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking to create a web presence on a small budget, GreenGeeks provides you with a full range of services.”

For shared hosting, you “receive a domain name registration/transfer & renewal ($28.95/yr value) for as long as your account remains active. Our Premium plan hosting accounts are placed on servers with less customers and also comes with increased CPU, Memory & resources. You’ll save hundreds of dollars purchasing our bundled Premium plan versus purchasing separately.”

The design & web hosting in Westchester is powered with renewable energy

At Convey Media, we care about the planet. That’s why we’re proud to say that our energy is supplied from Green Mountain Energy (delivered by Con Edison) and our web hosting is energized from wind power! In fact, for every dollar spent on wind energy, GreenGeeks buys three dollars’ worth.

“At GreenGeeks we work with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation out of Portland, Oregon. They are an EPA recognized and approved Green Power Partner as is GreenGeeks. Through the Bonneville foundation GreenGeeks purchases energy powered by wind to be put back into the grid and we purchase 3 times the amount of energy we consume to be put back into the grid making GreenGeeks 300%. We do this for all of our servers and all of our employee work spaces and computers. No other company on the internet offers this level of eco-friendly offsets to our web hosting consumption making us the greenest web host around.”

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